FF: sinkholes, wild boars, and vegas' heart attack grill

Presenting March's wacky friday funday with submissions sent in by Readers Like You.

sent in by Laura McNair- Sinkholes, a Youtube playlist

Freshmen: Life as Maggots in Bacon (Google translate from German)

 From Popular Science- "Wild Boars Menace Germany.  Could It Happen Here?"
 Wild Boars: "The Syphilis of Agriculture" (translated from German)

Sent in by Rasmus Kiehl, MD
"Responding to your call for more examples of thingsworsethannuclearpower, here is a cautionary tale from Germany. The increase in biogas generation has resulted in a massive expansion of corn as feedstock. Consequently, the wild boar population has exploded: more corn means more food for the piggies. The biogas industry denies this connection of course but it is obvious to almost everybody else, including local politicians. There is certainly no way to deny the existence of "corn deserts" (monocultures).

About Friday Funday: 
For those unfamiliar, the basis why most of these are "worsethan" is for a number of reasons.  Among them are that there have been no deaths from nuclear power due to radiation in the history of over 50 years of commercial nuclear power in the United States, that there have been the fewest amount of deaths/injuries compared to all other energy sources, no deaths worldwide due to nuclear power since Chernobyl (almost 30 years ago), there have been no emissions due to nuclear power (ever), an incredibly small amount of fuel required (roughly 1/400,000th that of coal) and an otherwise impeccable safety record.  For reference see "How Deadly is your Kilowatt" on Forbes.


  1. About two years there was a scare about radioactive wild boars from Chernobyl. It was presented in only the most serious and grave tones, of course.

    The Independent (UK), which usually knows better, ran with the lede "Germany terrorised by swarms of radioactive boar": http://blogs.independent.co.uk/2010/08/07/germany-terrorised-by-swarms-of-radioactive-boar/

    And in spite of the constant assertion that "Only Right-Wing Fascists Love Nukes", the Tea-Party-ish Free Republic picked up on a more recent incarnation of the story: "Radioactive Wild Boars Found in Italy (Chernobyl)" (http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-chat/2997590/posts).

    At least we're not seeing as many stories about how many UFOs have been seen around nuclear power stations -- Phil Klass' legacy, in part, I suppose.

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