a quick post on the "nuclear coverup"

This post is in response to the "nuclear coverup" Reddit post which has been circulating the internets.

Here is the chart of all the EPA data from Ft Wayne, IN between 5/1/2012 and today (6/8/2012).

There is no insane spike, and definitely not to over 7,000 counts let alone 1,700.  You can get the excel data for EACH hour from me (email worsethannucpow @ gmail) or get it yourself from the EPA at https://cdxnode64.epa.gov/radnet-public/queryResult.do.

There is not a nuclear plant in the area, let alone (as previously established in one of the reddit edits) there is no appreciable DOD land in the area.  What is more likely to cause a small increase in radiation readings and maybe even an explosion is natural gas fracking, which is very common in the general area (Ohio is in the top 7 states for number of fracking wells) and has even caused earthquakes in Ohio (confirmed by the USGS- U.S. Geological Survey).  Natural gas fracturing injects radioactive tracers into the ground in order to map out a well.  This fact is not something they want publicized too much.  They also inject millions of gallons of fluids in order to explode underground and release natural gas trapped in the rock.  For more info on fracking as well as radiation, see more on this blog here and here.


  1. Misinformation coming from r/politics, doesn't surprise me in the least.

  2. It is a truism that one of the most dangerous things you can come across in the armed forces is a junior officer with a map, I know, I was in the artillery there the combination could be particularly deadly. In the nuclear debate it is a layman with a radiation measuring instrument or access to the readings from one.

  3. There are two nuclear plants in the area of South Bend. Cook Nuclear plant just 30 miles northwest of South Bend, and Palisades north of Benton Harbor.

    1. They are both in Michigan- Cook is over 110 miles and Palisades is over 120 miles from he area that the supposed readings took place- in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

    2. Just to clear this up. The original reading was located in South Bend last week, 30 miles from cook.. It was a malfunctioning counter. On reddit someone tried to claim "it was not an error because the Fort Wayne station had a spike as well". Well what you have nicely done on this blog is point out that there was NO spike in Fort Wayne which means the South Bend station must have had an error. I hope this explains better. A lot was reported on this news story on all of the South Bend broadcast tv stations and in the South Bend Tribune last week. Search google news for "radiation in south bend" you will find the tv reports at the top of the results. Hope this helps Caroline :)

    3. The main claim of the "coverup" was that the EPA stopped reporting data at the Ft Wayne location, when in fact it is readily available, which is why we published it here. Yes, they also mentioned a separate small private counter [that malfunctioned], but that data is not available.

  4. Great blog!

    However, you missed the obvious radiation-effect sightings from a highly renown author and humanist essayist whose stories and personal notes occasionally mention two-headed snakes and turtles and five-legged frogs and other such bizarre creatures he encountered on his travels. I think it's only responsible for your blog to track down what nuclear plants this author lived near or traveled around to account for such troubling mutants.

    This fellow's name is Mark Twain.

    James Greenidge
    Queens NY

  5. Maybe it was radiation seismicaly transmitted from China. Or the wandering blob of molten Fukushima corium finally surfacing. Anything's possible in the vicked minds of nuclear lobby.


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