A sunburn is worse than 400x background level radiation over 5 weeks

The fear of nuclear power is mainly from a widespread misunderstanding and fear of radiation.

UVB from the sun is known to cause damage to DNA.  But now it has been shown in a just released groundbreaking MIT study, which exposed mice to levels of radiation 400 times that of background radiation via radioactive iodine for 5 weeks, that no DNA damage was detected.  This study represents the longest study ever performed at low dosage levels, and an exciting movement in research which could prevent removing people from their homes unnecessarily, preventing untold damage to property, health, and the public psyche.

The radiation emitted by the radioactive iodine is similar to that emitted by the damaged Fukushima reactor in Japan.  Except that in Japan, because of its short half-life, within about 5 weeks most of the radioactive iodine naturally decayed away, unlike the controlled level in the experiment.

The radioactivity levels found in the dirt around Tokyo in recent months, according to informal tests by anti-nuclear activist Arnie Gundersen, range from near natural or background levels to a few times natural levels.  This MIT study proves that no DNA damage is likely the true result of receiving long lasting exposure to low doses of radiation even up to hundreds of multiples of background radiation.  In fact, it may spur natural DNA repair mechanisms.

Wear that floppy hat if you're going to be in the sun!


  1. Great reports! If only they were featured on thr fair and balanced and accurate mainstream media! Wonder if any of these factoids ever hits Japan!

    James Greenidge
    Queens NY

    1. We are trying our best to let the people here in Japan now. Unfortunately fear mongers have extremely strong weapon in their hands - radiophobic fear of daily traumatized Japanese. You can't fight that easily...


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