Windfall Documentary Movie Review:

"Wind power: green, clean and forever sustainable/  Right?  Not so fast....Israel reveals  that turbines stand 400 feet tall from base to blade tip, require clear-cutting and tons of concrete [esp per useful kW produced], kill birds and bats, demand lots of traditional energy and occasionally collapse or catch on fire (examples are caught on film).'

a $2 million GBP, 100 meter tall wind turbine catches fire, Dec 2011

Traditional power required by wind provided by: nuclear power.

(see "Wind Energy: The Case in Denmark:
-while 20% capacity is installed, wind has met as little as 5% of their energy needs and an average of only 9% was useful.
-Denmark has to pay high fees to import energy from Sweden and Norway (nuclear and hydro) in low production or fees to export the excess in high production times.
-"Notwithstanding its many disadvantages, wind power's one striking advantage is that, like nuclear, its marginal costs of operation are very small once the capital has been paid.  However, unlike nuclear, many 10-15 year old turbines are past their useful life." [nuclear plants generally last 40-60 years])


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